The Pinnacle: Mount Lemmon

Most of my blog posts have mentioned how excruciatingly hot Arizona is in the summer. Our DukeEngage survived the hottest June on record and 39 consecutive days of sweltering 100+ degree temperatures. My image of Arizona consists of cacti, sweat, and sunburn.

But up a mountain we climbed, and up a mountain we passed through biome after biome. Saguaros disappeared, my ears popped, and we were surrounded by conifers at 8,000 feet. It seemed like a miracle to me. It wasn’t quite my deciduous oasis, but it was close enough!

We camped out for a relaxing night on the sky island called Mount Lemmon. It was chilly enough for me to be comfortable in a fleece jacket, and there was even running water in the creek beds. It didn’t feel like I was in Arizona anymore. I was in a forest surrounded by tall trees, lush ferns, and lichen-covered boulders.

This reminded me of the biodiversity in the Sonoran desert region. Mount Lemmon, located about an hour and a half away from BorderLinks, gave me another firsthand glimpse into the multitude of environments contained in a single state. No wonder the Sky Island Alliance is working to protect the wildlife found in these areas.

These photos capture Mount Lemmon more than my words ever could!




One thought on “The Pinnacle: Mount Lemmon

  1. Excellent way to end the summer in Tucson! I have enjoyed reading your observations about wildlife and activism in the blogs. I had not contemplated the environmental impact of border policy previously and it provides another important part of of the puzzle in finding a better path. I look forward to seeing you on campus and hearing more about your summer! Joan


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