Coming Full Circle: New Lows & New Highs

This has hands down been the most trying week for me here in Tucson. Each day has presented new challenges and new things to get over. I’ve been frustrated, annoyed, sad, upset, excited, happy, and relaxed. It’s crazy what a span of a week can do.

We began the week in Cascabell and spent 2 days out in the middle of the desert. Cascabell is a really interesting city because they are completely off the grid, i.e. use only solar power and do everything in their power to be self sustainable. They grow their own food and find really cool and different ways to make a living, but i was struggling with questions about how going to Cascabell related to the overall theme of our program. When discussing sustainability, I think the topic is more so related with money because of the difficulty sustainability practices pose when you don’t have money. If someone can’t afford to pay their bills, they aren’t exactly going to be worried about being sustainable. They are going to be worried about finding ways to make end’s meet and feeding their families while providing a shelter over their heads. Nothing against Cascabell, i totally think it was awesome that they choose to live life the way they do, but it was difficult for me to try to put myself in their shoes and be able to relate. I think there was some take aways (like investing in solar energy and learning how we can use the Earth to our advantage), but overall i think i left with more questions than answers,

As we returned to BorderLinks after a long 3 weeks of homestays, I transitioned back to my internship and living in the dorms. I was pretty bummed this past week because I know my time at St. Elizabeth’s is coming to an end. I really don’t want to leave partly because I’m learning so much about dentistry, partly because I’m going to miss the relationships and friendships I’ve made with coworkers, and partly because I feel like I’m contributing to the mission of the clinic everyday by just being there. I’m happy and feel blessed when reflecting on it, but still bummed nonetheless because it’s ending. This last week I’m going to do my best to show my appreciation just being positive and doing my best to feel apart of the group.

Last but not least, I love Mt. Lemmon. We went on a retreat to camp and hang out and it was an awesome experience with the group. I really needed some time to step back (primarily from the weather) and take a deep breath. It was a nice bonding experience with everyone and I think it will go a long way in closing out these final couple weeks here in Tucson because it gave us a chance to have some fun without being too reflective. We could let loose a bit and just be out there as a group. Camping is a great bonding activity in general and this really helped me process my thoughts moving forward into the last two weeks of the program.

Even though i was really frustrated leaving Cascabell and extremely happy being in Mt. Lemmon, i recognize when I’m being triggered and usually have a way to react to it. I’m not the most vocal person and I like having some “Me Time” to help process whatever thoughts or ideas are going through my head. I’ve needed some time to just sit and not think and Mt. Lemmon was a nice place to do that. Not sure what roller coaster this week is going to bring, but I’m looking forward to it. Here’s to a successful end to the program.



One thought on “Coming Full Circle: New Lows & New Highs

  1. It sounds like your placement has really worked out well! It will be important to seek out that “downtime” that has been missing from your routine and just live with your memories and observations for a while. The process of weekly reflection is an important one but getting a little distance from the intense ups and downs will be just as informative to you. I will be interested to hear about your summer in person when you get back to campus! Joan


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